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December 2006

  • Removed photos taken by Paul Nitz as he had requested that they no longer be displayed because of problems with persons pirating them on ebay.
  • Added SAR locomotives 620-class

November 2006

October 2006

  • Reworked the menu system - changed the script running things
  • Split my photos into Digital and Slide categories as it was getting too large to keep in a single index.
  • Replaced the named vehicles list with a new Master List of All Vehicles on the Site.
  • SAR Locos - added details for R/Rx, 520, 600& 710 class steam engines.

September 2006

  • Reworked all the indexes in the freight wagons listings. Should now be no broken links, and all wagon indexes have a link to a file for every wagon that gives additional details.

August 2006

  • New ComRails PPWIZARD Source page that let's you download the source for the web site.
  • New menu item that allows quick access for home page options.
  • New Photo Key Word In Context listing added to the Photo Collections page.
  • Minor updated and some more rollingstock photos added.
  • Changes to the photo generating routines so that they now include size in the code and display naigation thumbnails smaller.

July 2006

  • Rewrote the photo generating routine used for large set of photos so that the photo display page now has a navigation bar show with next and previous photos in the set.

May 2006

April 2006

  • New photos of CN class from Matthew Reid when they were in use in Canada.
  • Added a number of table tables and handbooks to the library, including "SAR Book No.1 - Diagrams of Rollingstock - Constructed prior to 1925 5'3" gauge", "SAR Book No.1 - Diagrams of Rollingstock - Constructed prior to 1925 3'6" gauge"
  • Updated information and photos on CL Locomotives, GM Locomotives, NJ Locomotives.
  • New photos of Locomotives by Paul Quinn
  • New photos by Chris Drymalik

March 2006

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January 2006

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