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Narrow Gauge Freight Vehicle Allocations

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1-99 100-199 200-299 300-399 400-499
500-599 600-699 700-799 800-899 900-999
1000-1099 1100-1199 1200-1299 1300-1399 1400-1499
1500-1599 1600-1699 1700-1799 1800- 7900-

Many gaps appear in the numbering along with duplicate numbers which were due to the isolation of the Central Australia Railway (C.A.R.) from the North Australian Railway (N.A.R.). To make matters worse, during the second World War many of the vehicles on the North Australia Railway were renumbered in an attempt to correct duplications, but this renumbering did not take into account any existing vehicles on the C.A.R. This can lead to confusion and uncertainty about which vehicles relate to which before the war vehicles. The workshop manager Katherine did not keep a record of the original number of the wagons when they were renumbered and it was later to provide a lot of headaches for the rollingstock records department of the Commonwealth Railways.

The Commonwealth Railways did not obtain the C.A.R till 1926, so all wagons in the number range 1 to 347 were exclusively used on the North Australia Railway. To add to the confusion some number ranges were repeated at various times (i.e when new hoppers were built).

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