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North Australia Railway (N.A.R.) - Palmerston to Pine Creek Railway
Darwin station with train.The North Australia Railway extended from Darwin to Birdum. It was built as a narrow gauge railway. Originally it had been built as the Palmerston division of the South Australian Railways, but was transferred to Commonwealth Government control in 1991. It extended to Emungalan on the Katherine River in May 1917 and eventually to Birdum whilst Commonwealth Railway control. Adeliade River Troop Train October 1942.

Initially, after handover to the Commonwealth Government on 1 January 1911, the line was run by the Northern Territory Administrator until 30 June 1918 when it was handed to the Commonwealth Railways. Records of the period suggest that the Commonwealth Railways had a big influence on the line prior to the official transfer of control as they provided the Administrator with assitance in the purchase of rollingstock and other items. The last train ran on this line on 30 June 1976.

See North Australia Railway.
Narrow Gauge
A narrow Gauge railway has track with 3 foot 6 inch (1067mm) spacing between rails.
National Rail Corporation (N.R.)
The National Rail Corporation took over the interstate freight business of Australian National. It was jointly owned by the Commonwealth, Victorian and New South Wales Governments.
National Railway Museum Port Adelaide
The National Railway Museum Port Adelaide was founded in 1963 as the Mile End Railway Museum. They move to the Port Adelaide site in 1988 and were known as Port Dock Station Railway Museum. On 21st October 2001 it was renamed the National Railway Museum Port Adelaide
See National Rail Corporation.
New South Wales Government Railways (N.S.W.G.R.)
The New South Wales Government Railways operated all the railways in the state of New South Wales. At various time they were reorganised and had minor changes made to their name. They have opertaed under names such as "New South Wales Railways", "Freight Corp", and the "New South Wales Public Transport Commission".
New South Wales Public Transport Commission (N.S.W.P.T.C.)
See New South Wales Government Railways.
Northern Rivers Railway.
The Northern Rivers Railway operate on the line between Murwillumbah and Casino in New South Wales. Commencing in 1999, they operated a passenger service called the Ritz Rail train between Murwillumbah and Byron Bay. Operated Under the name "Ritz Rail"

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