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30.11.1957 DE 91 at Port Pirie (Photo: 1195) (Doug Colquhoun)

Picture - dc_1195

This Photo is part of Author/Collection: "Doug Colquhoun"
'dc_b03-13a - 2.6.1979 - An HRE and an 8300 brakevan at Peterborough.' 'dc_8262 - 9.10.1982 - Weightbridge Test Wagon BS 125 at Port Augusta. (Photo: 8262)' 'dc_1186 - 1951 - DE 90 at Port Pirie. (Lionel Bates - Photo: 1186)' 'dc_1195'

'dc_1143 -   - C 65 after being streamlined. This was the only  loco to have the valence along the top of the boiler and was regarded as the Commissioner's engine. It was the last of the Cs to remain in service. (Photo: 1143)' 'dc_r295 - 10.10.1955 - Port Pirie - C 65' 'dc_r313 - 27.12.1954 - Port Augusta - NM 21 out of service'
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