Trams of Australia

R class

Nos: 1738 - 1932 (195 cars)
Introduced: 1933 - 1935
Withdrawn: 1958 - 1960
Electrics: 4 x 40hp motors
Size: length 14.35 m
Seating: 48

Finally Sydney introduced a dropcentre saloon car. This had simpler electrics than the older P-class or even the O-class trams, but it was a comfortable car.

Preserved R-class trams

R1 class

Nos: 1933 - 2087 (155 cars)
Introduced: 1935, and 1950-53
Withdrawn 1961 (system closure)
Electrics: Same as P-class
Size: length 14.35 m
Seating: 56

The last 5 R-class trams to be built were built as prototype R1 trams instead. There are more seats, gained by reducing the number of doors, and removing internal partitions. The dropcentre was abandoned, much like the later Melbourne Z-class.

Preserved R1-class trams