Trams of Australia

G class

[Link to picture of G class tram] Nos: 124 - 139 (16 cars in all)
Introduced: 1899
Withdrawn: 1927
Electrics: 2 x 42 hp originally, 2 x 48 hp later
Size: length 38 feet.
Seating/Crush load: As built 51, later 49.

Even by Sydney standards an unusual tram. Imported from the US (124-131 St Louis Car Co., 132-139 JG Brill and Co) these single ended cars were designed to operate either permanently coupled back to back in pairs or singly hauling a trailer on lines with reversing arrangements at the terminii. The body design was a direct copy of the cars of the Metropolitian Street Railway Company of New York City. Cars 124 and 125 which could be operated as single units having full dual controls at both ends were used to introduce summer electric tourist runs in 1905 and 1906.

[Link to picture of G class trams]

Preserved G-class trams