Trams of Australia

C class

[Link to picture of C class tram] Nos: 4 - 97, 289 - 291, (97 built in all)
First introduced: 1896
Last withdrawn: 1926
Electrics: 2 x 50 hp (originally 2 x 36 hp) motors
Size: 25 or 26 feet long
Seating/Crush load: 20,22 or 26/?

These were the first significant electric trams run in Sydney. They were a single truck saloon car, but were soon superseded by larger bogie cars. (The letters A and B seem to have been used for earlier trams - B was used for ex-steam trailers). The trams ran all over the main Sydney and North Sydney systems and also saw service on the St Kilda line in Melbourne (one of the VR lines - see Melbourne Tram History), in Ballarat, and even on the Byron Bay Jetty. After they were withdrawn, they provided emergency/breakdown service, right up until 1960.

When delivered, 56 were motor cars and 41 were unmotorised trailers. Later, some 28 trailers had motors added, although some did not have controls, so they remained as motorised trailers. Smokers were restricted to riding on the trailers. If there was no trailer, smokers had to remain outside on the rear platform. Seems fair to me, but apparently the smokers didn't like it.

Preserved C-class trams
Tram No. 290, built 1896, is Australia's oldest preserved electric tram.