Trams of Australia

P class

[Link to picture of P class tram] [2]

Nos: 1480 - 1737 (258 cars)
Introduced: 1920s
Withdrawn: 1958 - 1960
Electrics: 4 x GE 247 (40hp) motors, PC-5 controller
Size: length 13.85 m
Seating: 80

[Link to picture of P class tram] [Link to picture of P class tram] Built as a supplement to the O-class, these trams had enclosed compartments with concertina-type folding doors. They were given a nicer styling than earlier trams, and were fitted with more modern control equipment and automatic couplers.

Inside, the tram is divided into two or three separate smoking and non-smoking compartments with glass screens, as shown here. The seating is plainly wooden and hard.

Preserved P-class trams

P/R1 class

Nos: ?? (4 cars)
Introduced: 1949
Withdrawn 1959
Electrics: Same as P-class
Size: length 13.85 m

These P-class trams were rebuilt to resemble the R1-class tram. The conversion was not popular with passengers, and the trams saw little service.

Preserved P/R1-class trams

[2] Thanks to Dewi Williams for these photos. Taken at Seashore Trolley Museum, Kennebunkport, USA, 1-July-1996.

[21] Thanks to John Yelland for identifying the P-class tram at the Old Canberra Tram Co.