Trams of Australia

E class

[Link to picture of E-class tram] [16]

Nos: 396, 397, 413 - 612 (101 sets)
Introduced: 1901-1903
Last withdrawn: 1955 (most withdrawn mid 1930s)
Electrics: 2 x 50 hp motors per car
Size: length 8.37 m per car
Seating/Crush load: 45/?

A most unusual tram. This was a single-truck, single-ended crossbench design, which was always run in back-to-back coupled pairs. It shows that very soon after electric traction was introduced, Sydney was moving toward the all crossbench (toastrack) style of tram.

Preserved E-class trams

[16]Thanks to Ian Stevens and the Sydney Tramway Museum for this picture.