Trams of Australia

K class

[Link to picture of K-class tram] Nos: 746 - 802, 1280 - 1329 (107 cars)
Introduced: 1908 - 1913
Last withdrawn: 1956
Electrics: 2 x 50hp motors
Size: length 8.89 m
Seating/Crush load: 50??/??

This tram was a single truck all crossbench design, with closed compartments at one end and open seating at the other. It was rather like a short, single-truck version of the O-class tram, which was introduced at around the same time.

Preserved K-class trams

[2] Thanks to Dewi Williams for the scrubber tram picture, taken in William St. Melbourne in 1991

[9] Thanks to Greg Sutherland,, for the other pictures on this page.