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A complete archive (comencing April 1997) of the usenet group AUS.RAIL is available on this server under the aus.rail newsgroup archive Please take some time explore.

Victorian Railway Operational Frequencies Contains a list of current Victorian Railway (VICTRACK) operational radio frequencies. These frequencies are current from August 2000.
Metropolitan Signal Maintenance - Codes The following pages list Melbourne Metropolitan Signal Maintenance Codes from 03-September-1992. Includes some now disused locations
Geringhap Loop WE 9/10/99 A healthy number of trains this week due to the back log of last week ends derailment, B/G grain trains and some ballast trains.   Sunday morning saw a late running down TNT with G+G+X45, don't know if the X went all the way to Adelaide as it came back on 9792 early Tues, morning. An extra up Patrick's train came in early Sunday (Should have been am Saturday) and it returned late afternoon with GM22(GN)+CLP12(AN)+CLP8(ASR), nice LASH up (not LASS as on Ausloco). The Patrick's did not run this Tuesday and on Friday it came in with 50 wagons. Tuesdays up and down Overland had BMC1 car attached. We had two ballast trains on the B/G between Gheringhap and Ballarat, Thursdays train had H5+T392 and Fridays train had A73+T392. This train did not return but the locos were attached to an up grain train this morning. And a S/G ballast train with G535 worked Inverleigh - Manor - Inverleigh on Saturday.
Geringhap Loop WE 2/10/99 Graham Elliott's Sightings from Gheringhap Loop, Victoria. Week Ending 2/10/99. The talking point of the weekend was the derailment of Fridays down SCT at Elders block point Corio which is about 20 K's on the up side of Gheringhap. This made a lot of trains very late, cancelled or combined.
Geringhap Loop WE 25/9/99 Graham Elliott's Sightings from Gheringhap Loop, Victoria. Week Ending 25/9/99. It looks like that 9137 no longer stops here to pick up empty gypsum wagons, as its now over two weeks since it did. The empty gypsum is now picked up inthe early hours by 9138 which also drops of the full gypsum wagons. Also 9137 as included one or two wagons of loaded logs on a few occasions. And 9137 is often as late as 1900 since the changes.
Geringhap Loop WE 18/9/99 Graham Elliott's Sightings from Gheringhap Loop, Victoria. Week Ending 18/9/99
Geringhap Loop WE 4/9/99 Freight Victorias liveried X47 made an appearance on Monday for the first
time on this line. It was unit five in GXXXX on 9137 and it also included
five ballast and one grain wagon in F/V livery. It returned on the up on
9138 on Wednesday. A special down B/G train on Tuesday turned up with T388+X34 and 34 vans which are reported to be going for storage on the closed Ballart - Ararat line. Another 20 vans was included on 9123 grain train on Thursday. On Thursday night 9791 had 4 G's and seem to have a lot of TOLL containers on board. The Patricks train run on all five week days this week. On Tuesday it had CLF+GM42 and on Friday it turned up with ALF18+ALF22, both in ASR livery. The first time I have seen ALF's in ASR livery at Gheringhap.
Geringhap Loop WE 28/8/99 The West bound SCT trains seem to be well loaded this week with extra
loading being seen on two Patricks trains and one TNT train.
Also on Wednesday 9137 included two Motorail wagons?
On Thursday, NRC's PM5 came past with NR80 long nose leading plus NR81. And the Patricks train had two CLP's in ASR livery.
Geringhap Loop WE 7/8/99 F/V broad gauge 9140 on Tuesday turned up with 62 wagons, that's the longest
B/G train I have seen at GHAP. The Patricks train run on five days again this week, Tuesdays up & down train included GM42 and Fri/Sat train included SRA's 8242 & 8257. Saturday was SRA day at Gheringhap, as well as the two 82's we also had 8107 & 8122. DL44 made up the total of rarest locos for this week.
On Wednesday NRC's MA6 included a FCL 5 pack well wagon?
More new NR sightings with BIG numbers, NR's 90, 109, & 110. Now seen 27.
Friday, down F/V standard gauge goods had G+X45+T399.On Saturday a standard gauge light loco (G542) was used for Geelong crew driver training.
Geringhap Loop WE 31/7/99 It looks like NRC have started to transport new cars from the West, there as
been four super freighters this week with a total 19 Motorails full of new
cars, also four return with the same number empty. Almost every night for the last two weeks MA5 and MP5 have run to a later timetable, I wonder if the timetable as been changed or there is some loading problems? (Any comments KREL).
Great Northern run the rail train into Melbourne again, empty on the down on
Monday and full on the up on Friday, with T381(GN). Three trains with 81's, 8122 twice and 8102. Also GM42 was on the Patricks on Tuesday. The Patricks run on all five week days this week. Four more new sightings of NR's with BIG numbers, NR's 8, 26, 87, & 106. On Tuesday 9138 had three ballast wagons painted in the new Freight Victoria livery.
Geringhap Loop WE 24/7/99 Last week-end for the third week-end in a row we had a steam special run
this way. Last Sunday it was the turn of Y112 with a mixed pass & goods. It
got stuck here for over 40 minutes with a D.I.C.E. failure. Two more BIG numbered NR's sighted this week, NR's 17 & 81. Over two days early in the week we had a run of four trains with 81's, 8102, 8107, 8122 & 8124 (NR Livery). AN6 also did a return run.Early on Sunday we had a up rail train with T381+J103+GM22(GN), whichreturned empty later in the day with just T381(GN). T381(GN) was seen again with a loaded rail train on the up on Friday.
Geringhap Loop WE 17/7/99 Four more new NR sightings with big numbers this week, NR's 59, 83, 86, 107.
There was three DL's 41,45, 50 and 8117 (twice) sighted this week. Great Northern J103 as been running up & down with a rail train this week. I heard the driver tell centrol that he was taking the rails into the SCT depot? And this morning (Sun) a rail train passed on the up with T381+J103+GM22. Maybe they have finished the work down the track?
Lara Sightings WE 5/6/99 Lara Victoria sightings week ending 5/6/99
Geringhap Loop WE 5/6/99 On Sunday NP2 steel train included disgraced Bluebirds 811+801 being
returned to Adelaide. Great Northern GM27 made it's first trip into Melbourne with a train of 24 open wagons on Tuesday. The GHAN on Wednesday was only 20 minuets late on the up and only 17 late on the down. It as still not been on time at Gheringhap since it started running into Melbourne. Only one 81 and one DL this week. BY4/9823 only run on one occasion this week? And  that consist was more
containers than the usual steel. On Saturday Great Northern T381 was through Gheringhap on the down as light loco. It came back this morning (Sun) with EM100 track recording vehicle in tow. I understand that the EM100 failed at Dunolly.
Geringhap Loop W/E 2/1/99 Graham Elliott's Sightings from Gheringhap Loop, Victoria. Week Ending 2/1/99.
Geringhap Loop W/E 26/12/98 Graham Elliott's Sightings from Gheringhap Loop, Victoria. Week Ending 26/12/98.
Geringhap Loop W/E 12/12/98 Graham Elliott's Sightings from Gheringhap Loop, Victoria. Week Ending 12/12/98.
Geringhap Loop W/E 5/12/98 Graham Elliott's Sightings from Gheringhap Loop, Victoria. Week Ending 5/12/98.
Geringhap Loop W/E 7/11/98 Graham Elliott's Sightings from Gheringhap Loop, Victoria. Week Ending 7/11/98.
Geringhap Loop W/E 14/11/98 Graham Elliott's Sightings from Gheringhap Loop, Victoria. Week Ending 14/11/98
Geringhap Loop W/E 21/11/98 Graham Elliott's Sightings from Gheringhap Loop, Victoria. Week Ending 21/11/98
Geringhap Loop W/E 28/11/98 Graham Elliott's Sightings from Gheringhap Loop, Victoria. Week Ending 28/11/98
Victorian Turntables Information on all available turntables left in the state of Victoria.
Coal in Australia An overview covering different types of coal in Australia and how it is used.
A road test of G517 Putting Victorian Locomotive G517 through its Paces
Shifiting House For most people shifting house, once they have a new
house to shift into, involves a fairly simple set of arrangements with a
removalist company, usually having made the choice to move of their own
free will. Things are slightly different when your landlord would like
you to leave and you have to shift 3 locomotives, 26 carriages, wagons
vans etc and all your railway related property. This is what the
Mornington Railway Preservation Society faced in 1997.
Melbourne Transport Summary An indepth summary of Melbourne Australia's Transport System.


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