Trams of Australia

V class

Nos: 212 - 216
First introduced: 1906
Last withdrawn: 1925
Electrics: 2 x 45hp GE67/GE K10 controller
Size: 9.72m x 2.64m
Seating/Crush Load: 32/32?

When the Melbourne and Metropolitan Tramways Board took over the operations of the various municipal tramways authorities, it classified cars 1 to 10 of the North Melbourne Electric Tramway and Lighting Co. (NMETL) as U-class and cars 11 to 15 as V-class. The V-class were Melbourne's toastrack tram and given that only 5 were built (as opposed to well over 100 times that number built in Sydney), and their short service history, it is clear how unpopular they were. They were a single truck design (no double-truck toastracks were operated in Melbourne).

Preserved V-class trams
One tram has been preserved, No. 214, at the Hawthorn Tram Depot. It serves as a useful mobile venue for the Melbourne Transit Band on special occasions (such as the 1995 Tram Day celebrations).

Thanks to Andrew Cox,, for some of the information here.