Trams of Australia

Former A class

(A, B, H, J, M & S classes - Single-truck California combination cars)

(Having gone right through the alphabet, a second generation of A-class trams now exists, which bears no relation to the trams described here.)
[Link to picture of M-class tram] [14] Ballarat No. 26, outside depot. [Link to picture of S-class tram] S 164 [14]

Nos: A(1-20),B(21-24,84-91),H(54-63),J(64-83), M(107-116,183-189),S(154-171)
Introduced: A: 1910-11, B: 1917-18, H: 1913, J: 1915, M: 1916,18, S: 1916-22
Withdrawn: Sold to State Electricity Commission or scrapped in the late 1920s
Electrics: 2 x 50 hp motors (various), assorted controllers
Size: 9.43/9.73 m x 2.72 m
Seating/Crush load: 36/

The A, H, J and B classes were built for the Prahran and Malvern Tramways Trust (PMTT), the M class for the Hawthorn Tramways Trust (HTT), and the S class for the Melbourne, Brunswick and Coburg Tramways Trust (MBCTT). The Melbourne and Metropolitan Tramways Board gave them these letter codes when it took over the trusts.

In 1928, these codes were rationalised by the MMTB. The A, B, H, J, M and S classes are all single truck, drop end, open California combination cars, so they were all re-designated A-class. The ride quality on these trams must have been pretty poor - see the comments about No. 185 below.

Preserved (old) A-class trams
In operating condition: Non operating trams:

[14] Thanks to Andrew Cox and the Ballarat Vintage Tramway for these images. Photos taken by Andrew Cox. Used by permission.

[17] Thanks to Russell Jones for information about TMSV trams at Hawthorn.