Trams of Australia

U class

(Single-truck saloon)

Nos: 202 - 211
Introduced: 1906
Withdrawn: 1929, 1944-45
Electrics: GEK10, GE K36J controller, 2 x GE67 34 kW motors
Size: 9.74 x 2.64 m
Seating/Crush load: 32/ ??

When the Melbourne and Metropolitan Tramways Board took over the operations of the various municipal tramways authorities, it classified cars 1 to 10 of the North Melbourne Electric Tramway and Lighting Co. (NMETL) as U-class and cars 11 to 15 as V-class. The U class was an enclosed saloon tram while the V was an open toastrack design. The U would have been bearable in winter (unless you were the driver, who was outside), unlike the V, which would have been horrible for everybody.

Preserved U-class trams
To be restored: