Trams of Australia

T class

Nos: 177 - 182
First introduced: 1917
Last withdrawn: 1962
Size: 10.67 m x 2.45 m
Seating/Crush load: 38/110

Tim Blythman comments:

The T class was built by Duncan and Fraser for the MBCTT. They were the longest wheelbase single truckers (Brill Radiax Trucks, designated A'A, rather than Bo), and were of similar overall appearance to the S. Most were scrapped, but 178 received a massive overhaul, including folding doors, PA, and other improvements. This has since been scrapped too.

The long wheelbase and the radial axles (i.e. each axle turned independently on corners, rather than being rigidly locked to the other axle) were designed to give a better ride. But the cost was greatly increased complexity - more moving parts. The idea was never used again.

Preserved T-class trams
One operating T-class tram, No. 180, which belongs to the Tramway Museum of Victoria, is currently on loan to the Hawthorn Tram Depot.

Thanks to Tim Blythman for most of the information on this page.

Thanks to Russell Jones for information about ownership of T 180