Trams of Australia

Type D

(Closed combination maximum traction bogie cars)
Nos: 121 - 170, 191 - 194
Introduced: 1911 to Adelaide, 1912 to Melbourne
Withdrawn: 1958
Electrics: 2 x 50hp or 65 hp motors, mainly GE202 & GE201 motors, WH T1F controller
Size: 43ft 3/8in x 8ft 10in
Seating/Crush load: 50/152

These are two-bogie trams, with an open crossbench seating arrangement at one end, and a saloon at the other. Adelaide had 50 of these (121 - 170), and in 1926 bought 4 more (191 - 194) from Melbourne, where they had been known as O-class.

Preserved type D trams
Operating type D trams: Static type D trams:

[12] Thanks to John Radcliffe for much of the information here.