Trams of Australia

Type B

(Toastrack trams)
Nos: 31 - 60
Introduced: 1909
Withdrawn: 1930?
Electrics: 2 x 33hp WH204 motors, magnetic track brakes
Size: 32ft 6in x 8ft 5in
Seating/Crush load: 50/102

These unpopular trams were mostly converted to other forms. Car 38 was converted to a Ballast Motor, cars 41-43 converted to type A2, and cars 44-60 converted to type A1.

Preserved type B trams
Operating type B tram 42, which has been converted back from type A2, can be found at the Australian Electric Transport Museum

Thanks to [7] Tim Blythman and [12] John C Radcliffe for this information.