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WA diesel pictures

Including WAGR, and Iron Ore Railways

Picture credits:
(KD) - Kevin Dunk

(LH) - Lloyd Hutcheon

(GLb) - Gary Lamb

(RR) - Roger Rassche

Western Australian Government Railways Diesels

Iron Ore Railway Diesels

BHP - Goldsworthy

GML-10 (Clyde JT42C) leaving Shay Gap with loads for Funicane Island Dumper, 14/9/91, (44K) (KD)

B2 (EE ST95B) at Goldsworthy, 14/9/91, (46K) (KD)

A9 (EE M195C) at Shay Gap Mine, 14/9/91, (45K) (KD)

GML-10 (Clyde JT42C) with an empty Ore train at Newgold crossing near Port Hedland, 16/9/91, (44K) (KD)

BHP - Mount Newman

5450 (exWP #917A, F7A) at the Pilbara Railway Historical Society Yard near Dampier, 10/9/91, (42K) (KD)

Class Leader 5630 (CM39-8) "Zeus" at Port Hedland, 15/9/91, (44K) (KD)

5492 (M636) working Port Hedland Yard, 15/9/91, (40K) (KD)

5513 (CM36-7M) "Kalgan", 5467 C636) and 5509 (CM36-7M) "Chichester" leaving Port Hedland Yard for Mt Newman Mine, 15/9/91, (49K) (KD)

BHP's 5634. This is one of the CM40-8M rebuilds from the C636/M636 locos, (31K) (LH)

BHP's 5664. This is one of three CM40-8ML class locos (modified CM40-8M) that were rebuilt as mid-train cabless Locotrol units. Like the above, they were rebuilt from the C636/M636 class. Later, cabs were retrofitted, (29K) (LH)

BHP's 5630 and 5631. These are two of the CM39-8 class locos, the first locos built new for BHP Iron Ore since the C636/M636 class, (24K) (LH)

BHP's 5510. This is a CM36-7M class, from the first group of rebuilds from the C636/M636 class, (24K) (LH)

BHP's 5499. This is one of the C636/M636 locos, the first mainline locos on the Port Hedland-Mt Newman line. It is in the original Mt Newman livery, (18K) (LH)

CRRIA (Robe River)

9401 (RSC3) stuffed and mounted at Wickham, 9/9/91, (42K) (KD)

9421 (M636) at Cape Lambert, working as Yard Shunter, 12/9/91, (42K) (KD)

9417 (CM40-8), 9426 (C636R) and 9427 (C636R) at Cape Lambert, 12/9/91, (46K) (KD)

Hammersley Iron

007 (Alco S2) "Mabel" at the Pilbara Railway Historical Society Yard near Dampier, 9/9/91, (44K) (KD)

4041 (M636), 4044 (M636) and 6063 (SD50S) leaving Seven Mile Yard near Dampier for either East Intercourse Island or Parker Point with iron ore loads, 10/9/91, (49K) (KD)

3012 (C636R) with a load from Tom Price Mine meets 4043 (M636), 4053 (M636) and 4056 (M636) with a string of empties for Tom Price at Rosella, KM 250, 10/9/91, (42K) (KD)

4036 (M636), 4031 (M636) and 4054 (M636) at Swan, KM 270, with loads from Tom Price mine waiting for a Paraburadoo train with empties, 11/9/91, (48K) (KD)

4042 (M636) at the Seven Mile Depot near Dampier, 11/9/91, (50K) (KD)

2000 (C628) ex Road Number 2003 at the Pilbara Railway Historical Society Yard near Dampier, 12/9/91, (52K) (KD)

6061 (SD50S) at Seven Mile yard near Dampier, 13/9/91, (51K) (KD)

Hamersley Iron's 7089. This is one of Hamersley's 70 class, the most recent class in the Hamersley Iron fleet, (23K) (LH)

6061 in service on the Norfolk Southern in the USA in Debutts Yard in Chattanooga, (48K) (RR)

Hamersley Iron's 7086 at the head of a train. The 70 class are Hamersley's latest locos, and second only in power to BHP's new AC6000CW class, (77K) (GLb)

Hamersley loco 7090 driver's cab, (53K) (GLb)

7065 builder's plate, (50K) (GLb)

Hamersley Iron loco 6063 The 60 class were kit-built by Clyde Engineering, (60K) (GLb)

Hamersley Iron loco 5058 The 50 class were the first Goninan-built locos in the Pilbara, (66K) (GLb)

Hamersley Iron loco 1000 used as an early shunter, and now one of the Pilbara Railway Historical Society's locos, (65K) (GLb)


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