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Victorian Diesel pictures

Picture credits:
(DB) - David Bromage

(SC) - Stephen Cleverdon

(CH) - Craig Haber

(DJ) - David Johnson

(YS) - Yuri J Sos

(MM) - Michael Menzies

Victorian Diesels

A62 in the new V/Line colours at Spencer Street, (113K)

B68 in VR Orange/Silver colours at Spencer Street, (63K)

B77 in VR Blue/Gold colours, (61K)

S308, (246K)

S310 leads the Spirit of Progress, (257K)

S311, (64K)

T363, (87K)

T400, (58K)

WCR B61, (79K)

8159 & C505 lead a freight into Marrickville Loop, 10/5/90, (34K) (DJ)

4473, 42202, 8175 and G519 stand at Sydney Terminal before running light engines to DELEC, 2/7/90, (59K) (DJ)

F202 at the ARHS Museum at North Williamstown, 20/10/91, (60K) (SC)

T345 at the Victorian Goldfields Railway at Maldon, 1/1/92, (43K) (SC)

4489 & S311 arrive at Spencer Street with the Melbourne Express, 18/4/92, (129K) (DB)

42215 & G517 stand at Sydney Terminal with SL-1 Melbourne Express, 22/12/92, (91K) (DB)

C504 leads G522 on a down Superfreighter at Exeter, 14/3/93, (51K) (DJ)

G517 leads an 81/G/81 on a down freight in Victoria, April, 1994, (54K) (DJ)

G540 on the ARE Kulwin tour in 1994, seen here at Berriwillock, (14K), Boigbeat, (19K), Kulwin, (16K), Kulwin Buffer stops, (6K), 30/4/94 and Maryborough, (6K), 1/5/94 (DB)

N462 on the Overland at Spencer Street ready to depart, 20/6/94, (45K) (DW)

P21 on 9106 at Sunbury, 5/1/95, (53K) (DJ)

BL34 leads C501 on an Adelaide bound freight through Middle Footscray, 6/1/95, (45K) (DJ)

N454 on 8141 passes through Middle Footscray, 9/1/95, (43K) (DJ)

Standard Gauge T399 at Spencer Street, 22/7/95, (8K) (DB)

G528 at Maryborough with the then new V/Line Freight lettering, 24/9/95, (6K) (DB) G517, G523 & NR6 lead 7NP2 through Loftus, (54K), and also a trailing view, (59K), 30/11/96 (DJ)

G517 leads 8169 over the Meadowbank bridge on 1PN2 freight, 8/1/97, (45K) (DJ)

West Coast Railway's S302 at Ballarat East loco depot, (89K) (MM)

B61 leads West Coast Railway's train number 8265 at Warncoort (Birregurra - Colac), (30K) and Sandy Creek (Winchelsea - Birregurra), (32K), Jan 97 (MM)

West Coast Railway's S311 at the famous Mt Emy Creek viaduct (Teran - Camperdown), (33K) (MM)

S313+GM36+S300+S302 leading the operational Spirit cars on a Spirit of Progress re-enactment train waiting at Seymour, 1997, (58K) (YS)

B74 leads 8796/8797/8798/8799, an ARHS ACT tour at Hopetoun next to G540, (40K), Hopetoun, (63K), Coronby, (33K), Dimboola, (36K), 29/3/97, Avoca, (36K), and Dunolly, (38K), 30/3/97 (DJ)

G519 & 42215 lead 6MB4 into Tahmoor across the Bargo River bridge, 6/4/97, (134K) (DJ)

G522 and NR6 lead an up freight through Wolli Creek Junction while 8502 and 8507 wait on an up coal train, 9/5/97, (50K) (DJ)

8176 and C504 lead 1NP2 freight under the semaphore signal gantries at Junee, (61K), crossing the Wagga Wagga Viaduct, (21K), and silhouetted on the Wagga Wagga Viaduct at sunset, (16K), 3/8/97 (DJ)

SECV 125 (the last of the SECV's electric locos to be built) sits outside the Powerworks visitors centre at Morwell, 17/1/98, (86K) (JC)

G521+Y157 on 9080 at Werribee, 6/1/99, (467K) (CH)

G513 exchanging staff from Nth Geelong 'B' for the Master Key at Nth Geelong 'C' box, 18/1/99, (467K) (CH)

G527+X+X on 9080 at Corio, 18/1/99, (40K) (CH)

G511+X+X on 9137 at Gheringhap, 21/1/99, (35K) (CH)

T396+H5+H4 on Waurn Ponds Goods at Barwon River Bridge, 21/1/99, (33K) (CH)

Great Northern's 22 (former GM22) at the standard gauge turntable at South Dynon loco, 4/3/99, (52K) (JC)

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