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National Rail diesel pictures

NR locomotives over the entire standard gauge network.

Picture credits:
(DJ) - David Johnson

(DR) - Dennis Rittson

NR1, still in undercoat, undergoes testing with three 442 class locomotives and the three AK test cars at Willow Tree, 28/9/96, (55K), and also at Werris Creek, 29/9/96, (47K), (DJ)

NR3, NR9 & NR76 hauled NR77, NR78 & NR66 from Bassendean to Newcastle to get radios fitted, seen on 6PS6 at Yass, (58K) (DJ), Cullerin Range, (66K) (DJ), Breadalbane, (42K) (DJ), Yarra, (100K) (DJ), Towrang, (34K) (DJ) and Spaniards Hill, (37K) (DJ). 27/1/97

Two NRs lead 8236 across Meadowbank Bridge, 12/2/97, (40K) (DJ)

8224 leads NR7 and 8046 on 1BS2 into Dungog, 25/5/97, (57K) (DJ)

NR25 leads 3PS6 into/away from Broken Hill, 26/6/97, (71K) (DJ)

NR21 leads 7SA5 around the bends at Mt Gipps, (63K), and into Broken Hill, (36K), 29/6/97 (DJ)

NR26, NR85, NR102 & NR101 lead 7PS6 away from Menindee, 30/6/97, (44K) (DJ)

NR32 leads two sister NRs on 7SP5 around Werai curve, 24/1/98, (64K) (DJ)

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