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South Australian Diesel pictures

Includes SAR, CR and ANR locomotives.

Picture credits:
(CC) - Chris Carpenter

(SC) - Stephen Cleverdon

(RK) - Ronald Krueger

(RM) - Raymond Marsh

(PY) - Paul Yole

BU1, (27K) (CC)

350, (45K) (RM)

502 shunting, (35K) (SC)

520, (55K)

604, (28K) (RK)

702, (23K) (RK)

802, (56K) (RM)

839 stands outside a shed, (84K) (SC) 904 + 90x, (55K) (RM)

CFCLA's EL54 and EL57 at Murtoa yard, March 2000, (22K) (PY)

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