Trams of Australia

Geelong's Birney cars

Nos: 14 & 15, 27 - 30
First introduced: 1924
Last withdrawn: transferred to Bendigo 1949
Electrics: 2 x 18.6 kW GE 264 motors, GE K63 controller
Size: length 8.5 m
Seating: 30
Crush load:
Max speed:

Trams nos 14 and 15 were built by J. G. Brill & Co. of the USA for the Geelong tramways. These two cars are the only two known Birney cars with longitudinal seating in the world. In 1936 these cars were joined by four more Brill cars from Port Adelaide (see: Adelaide's Birney cars), but in 1947 those cars were transferred to Bendigo. In the next two years the two original Geelong cars were also transferred to Bendigo.

Preserved Geelong Birney cars

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