Trams of Australia

Geelong's tram system

Sorry, I have little information about this yet, but here is a map, from Chris Brownbill. [Map of Geelong tram system]

The electric tram system came to Geelong quite late. It was established by the Melbourne Electric Supply Company (a British company, despite its name), whose main interest was the supply of electricity to Geelong, so the trams were used as a useful foot into the door of the market. Unlike the tram systems of Ballarat and Bendigo, operated by the Electric Supply Company of Victoria (also British, and with similar motives), the Geelong system was well maintained right up to the point of its reluctant takeover by the State Electricity Commission of Victoria.

When the pressure came to remove unfashionable tramway systems, Geelong's was one of the first to go. Since the automobile building industry is one of the town's largest employers, this is perhaps not surprising.

Thanks to Chris Brownbill,, for the map.