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Special information...

Tech. info - VR / V/line locos...

V/line passenger locomotive rosters...


Trains of the present day...

Comeng and Hitachi Electric Multiple Units (EMU's)

Both of these 3 car EMU sets can be seen running in 3 or 6 car consists on the Broadmeadows Line.

N class locomotives

N class locomotives are the most common diesel loco on the Broadmeadows line, running on the Albury and Shepparton passenger trains and occasionally on the peak seymour trains when an A class is not available.


    Sprinter railcars are also very frequent and run to Seymour and Kilmore East.  One used to run to Albury until the increase in services recently, it has been replaced by a full, N hauled, passenger train.

X, G, T, and P class (Freight)

The Broadmeadows (BMS) line is visited infrequently by all of these classes, but most frequently by the G and T/P class.   The G's bring the  Quarry Trains from Kilmore East when the BMS - Albion Freight corridor is not available.

    The T and P classes haul grain trains to Kensington from Nth Melb. and back.  X classes have hauled the peak Seymour pass along with P classes.  X's have also been spotted on quarry and crossing works trains.  To see some pics goto the Essendon station page.

A class locomotives

Two A class locomotives currently run morning and evening peak services to an from Seymour.  They are stabled at Seymour Turntable overnight and run various other services during the day. 

Special Trains

    An R class loco hauled train train is run from Essendon (ESD) by the local Rotary organisation each year.   It runs shuttles to BMS and FSS and a long trip to FSS then to BMS via Albion.  Other than that it is just infrequent visits from a number of other restored trains just passing through.