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Essendon Station (ESD)
A Premium Station

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9.2 km to Melb.

18min direct to FSS

461 spaces

connecting services -
POTS Location Tags

1-11-1860 Opened
1-7-1864 Closed
9-10-1871 Reopened
14-12-1908 works siding added
21-6-1909 new signal box
17-6-1918 three position signalling to Moonee Ponds.
30-10-1918 overhead live from Kensington
6-9-1921 overhead live to Broadmeadows
23-3-1959 Boom gates at Park Street (was hand gates)
15-11-1965 Three position signalling to Broadmeadows.
6-9-1965 Coal stage road, no.5 road removed (map below...)
16-11-1969 interlocking and signal box (which was between the tracks on the
up side of the level crossing) abolished, new signal panel provided in station. Boom gates at Buckley Street (was 2 sets of interlocked gates) Ground frame for control of entrance to goods yard.
6-4-1986 sidings and good yard removed.
27-11-1988 siding A removed (car sidings).

Essendon at its' height - click for an enlargement

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Essendon Platform 2/3
(There are no machines on Platform 1, as it does not see regular use)

MVM 1 -
MVM 2 -
017 1211
018 1180
065 1129

Courtesy Rob O'Regan
Legend: MVM 1 = Small machine, MVM 2 = Large machine, BOM = Booking Office machine.

Link to Chris Gordon's website for this information...
Essendon Signalling

Historical images: 

Looking North toward Essendon Station

Buckley st xing.jpg (39656 bytes)

Looking North towards Essendon Station 17/9/99.  Buckley Street Level Crossing can be seen in the foreground.   Platform 1 is on the right, with 2 & 3 to the left.  The P1 road can be clearly seen to be 
overgrown with weeds, and does not see regular use.  The gap between the No1 road and the P2 road can also be noted, this was where a third middle track once layed.  The position where the photo was taken from was where the works siding branched off.

A70 at 8:17 on the UP Seymour Pass

A70 ESD 1999.jpg (44604 bytes) A70, with its new 5 car Harris set, powers out of Essendon towards the city, after dropping off its Seymour passengers.
(Late 99)
looking nth from park st.jpg (35902 bytes) Looking North from near Park Street


Inside of Essendon Signal Box - Chris Gordon

small ess inside signal box.jpg (8816 bytes) Whilst there is no separate signal box building at Essendon the panel etc.are located inside the station building between platforms 2 & 3.   It is used weekdays when a VLP train passes a suburban service at approx 12:10.

X31 - Crossing Works Train - Essendon Platform 3 - Chris Gordon

small spoil train ess.jpg (9027 bytes) small spoil train ess2.jpg (9023 bytes) X31 was involved in crossing works during 1999.  It is seen here at Essendon in Platform 3, looking north and south respectively. The level crossings at Park St. and Kensington were upgraded with concrete sleepers under the road in April / May.  Glenroy level crossing has also been upgraded.  For more pics of the crossing works click here.