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Kensington Station (KEN)

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New Photos - A79 - Kensington Grain Sidings

4.7 km to Melb.

10min direct to FSS

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connecting services -
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1-11-1860 Opened
1-7-1864 Closed
9-10-1871 Reopened
16-3-1914 Goods arrival and departure lines opened.
30-10-1918 overhead live to Essendon
14-8-1923 siding 'F' removed
14-10-1923 Pass lines over bridge (flyover near north Melbourne) but not in use (BMS Suburban lines)
22-1-1924 Overhead live on high level lines (now called Broadmeadows Suburban)
1-4-1924 Three position signalling to North Melbourne (BMS lines)
25-2-1965 manual control Boom gates at Macaulay road
15-8-78 Essendon Suburban Line renamed Broadmeadows Suburban lines
10-3-1982 overhead live on good lines
12-9-86 overhead removed on goods lines
28-10-1986 Goods lines no longer in use (BMS lines slewed at flyover at Llyod Street) points at Kensington removed later.

Kensington at it's height - click for enlargement (164KB)

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Kensington Up MVM 2 -    018 1192
Kensington Down MVM 1 -    017 1112

Courtesy Rob O'Regan
Legend: MVM 1 = Small machine, MVM 2 = Large machine, BOM = Booking Office machine.

Link to Chris Gordon's website for this information...
Kensington Signalling

Kensington Signal Box hours...

Monday - Saturday Continuously
Sunday 0000-0020 and 0740 to 2400
(In other words 24 hrs except 0020-0740 Sundays)

The "Goodman & Fielder Siding" gf_small_logo.gif (1668 bytes)

    As can be seen in the photos, there is a siding for grain to be delivered to the silos on the east side of the main line.  This siding is known as the "Goodman & Fielder Siding", Regular visitors to this siding are P19, 20,21, 22, & 23, and the occasional T class usually with anything from 2 -14 hoppers. more information...

T400 - Kensington Grain Sidings - 05/04/2000
courtesy Chris Gordon

T 400 05-04-2000 1.jpg (81930 bytes) T 400 05-04-2000 2.jpg (69479 bytes) T 400 05-04-2000 3.jpg (67393 bytes)

A79 + P20 - Kensington Grain Sidings 
Tuesday November 16, 1999
- courtesy Chris Gordon

A79 ken 1.jpg (55677 bytes) A79 ken 4.jpg (62940 bytes) A79 ken 5.jpg (60516 bytes) A79 ken 2.jpg (75037 bytes) A79 ken 3.jpg (66929 bytes)

Kensington Station
- photos by Steven Hurst

station front.jpg (44675 bytes) Looking North toward the station building from the street
Macaulay rd.jpg (42622 bytes) Looking northward at the station and signal box, with a train in the platform. 

Kensington Grain Sidings and Yard
- photos by Steven Hurst

goods line to nme sth.jpg (40528 bytes) This disused signal is becoming overgrown by a palm, it used to serve the goods holding sidings.  Now only 2 tracks lead back over the Footscray line to the North Melbourne Yard.  The grain hoppers are shunted back over here on there way back to the yards.  - ??/7/99
kensington yard - 2.jpg (52080 bytes) The view South toward the yards from near the signal box.
P19 ken grain.jpg (38359 bytes) P19 sits 'dead' in the sidings as a Bayside Comeng set approaches in the background.  The loco will wait until the hoppers are unloaded and then take them back to Tottenham yard later in the day. (??/8/99)

P20 grain siding.jpg (42402 bytes)  RT shunting.jpg (51782 bytes)

Crossing Works (April / May 1999) - courtesy Chris Gordon

kensington crossing works.jpg (93219 bytes) kensington signal box1.jpg (104857 bytes) 

Signal Box - Inside and Out - courtesy Chris Gordon

kensington signal box1.jpg (104857 bytes) ken inside signalbox1.jpg (78937 bytes) ken inside signalbox2.jpg (71048 bytes)

Grain Sidings/Yard - courtesy Chris Gordon

kensington yard.jpg (95678 bytes) kensington crossing works.jpg (93219 bytes)