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Re: gunzel?

In article <01be9603$2e682cc0$022d11cb@rodsmith>,
  "Roderick Smith" <rodsmith@werple.net.au> wrote:
> The term originated in Victoria in the mid 1970s,.......
> (snip)
> ....I did research the origin.  It came from some second-grade USA film, as a
> contraction of gunslinger, and should really be spelt gunsel; however the z
> spelling has taken root.

The term was in common use by 1968.

With respect, its' origin might be traced to that first-grade US film "The
Maltese Falcon" starring Humphey Bogart when Sam Spade says to (Sydney
Greenstreet) "Who's the gunsel" in reference to SG's neurotic minder.


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