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Newbie to group seeks info on etymology and usage of term gunzel.

So far from this ng it seems to me that ....

(1) Its a derogatory term used mainly by people from Vic and SA;

(2) Perversly, the term is used proudly by one or two.


(1) Is it a rude word? Can I use it in polite company? Will people north of
Albury know or care?

(2) What specific pattern of behaviour can be classified as gunzel
behaviour? (Gosh I hope its not "if you have to ask about gunzels then you
are one"!)

(3) Is one act of gunzelality sufficient to have someone classified for life
or is there something which can be done to earn redemption? (If the rule is
once a gunzel always a gunzel, then that explains why some gunzels are
making a virtue out of necessity by being proud of gunzeldom.) Is there an
appeal court?

(4) Word looks as if it comes from middle Europe. Old German folk tale,
Hansel and Gunzel? Like to hear that.

(5) Word is used in this ng as both noun and adjective. What is verb form?
How is the noun declined? How is the verb conjugated?

Perhaps notagunzel and the author of gunzelgram can help.

Hopefully ......