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Re: Melbourne ATM's -- "touch" panels?

Daniel Bowen wrote:


> That explains why at Camberwell (platform 1? The north-most?) two of
> the three gates are closed, with one being left open. I haven't seen
> anybody actually validate tickets to open the closed gates - everybody
> seems to go through the open one.

As far as people using the open barrier gates, yes, down here at
Glenferrie, we have noticed this, too.  Must be human nature, I
suppose!  Luckily, in recent days (probably due to restart of school
year?), we have a few customer service people manning barrier gates most
of the day.  Could not wait to see the scene when school kids start! 
Perhaps my friends at Glenferrie will open more barrier gates than just
one, especially during peak hours.



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