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Papua New Guinea Rail

Hi All

Has anyone seriously contenplated a railway line from Cairns to Port
Moresby? I realise that this may look a little far fetched but let me
run through a few points;

1. We spend millions in aid (including developmental aid) each year to
PNG. A rail line could significantly improve the economy of PNG by
providing a direct link for tourists coming from Queensland and freight
coudl easily pass between the two countries.

2. Any such line could be extended to Irian Jaya at a later stage thus
assisting to develop this region as well.

3. The Channel Tunnel has demonstrated that long distance underseas
tunnels can be built. The distance from the top of Australia to PNG is
only about 100 miles or so and there are a few islands along the way
(and relatively shallow water. In many areas a land bridge could be
built thus helping reduce costs.

4. Once such a link is built it would demonstrate the feasibility of
long tunnels of this type. I wonder if we might eventually see a single
train London to Melbourne. Of course the Cairns line would need to be
standardized but this will happen eventually anyway.

cheers Peter