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Re: Papua New Guinea Rail

Getting the railway from Cairns to Cape York would be a major achievement
in itself, if you could overcome the greenies to get it built.
Chris Stratton
Wollongong, NSW, Australia

peter berrett <pberrett@tbsa.com.au> wrote in article
> Hi All
> Has anyone seriously contenplated a railway line from Cairns to Port
> Moresby? I realise that this may look a little far fetched but let me
> run through a few points;
> 1. We spend millions in aid (including developmental aid) each year to
> PNG. A rail line could significantly improve the economy of PNG by
> providing a direct link for tourists coming from Queensland and freight
> coudl easily pass between the two countries.
> 2. Any such line could be extended to Irian Jaya at a later stage thus
> assisting to develop this region as well.
> 3. The Channel Tunnel has demonstrated that long distance underseas
> tunnels can be built. The distance from the top of Australia to PNG is
> only about 100 miles or so and there are a few islands along the way
> (and relatively shallow water. In many areas a land bridge could be
> built thus helping reduce costs.
> 4. Once such a link is built it would demonstrate the feasibility of
> long tunnels of this type. I wonder if we might eventually see a single
> train London to Melbourne. Of course the Cairns line would need to be
> standardized but this will happen eventually anyway.
> cheers Peter