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New Yard at Camberwell Station

Its good to see construction of a new rail yard at a traditional suburban
station in Melbourne.  Camberwell is getting a new electric train stabling
yard as part of the dispersion of the stabling facilities currently at
Jolimont - brought on by the construction of Federation Square over the
Jolimont Rail Yards site.

Construction at Camberwell has today got to the stage where the old
warehouse type building immediately to the South of the tracks has been
demolished (opens up the station environs quite a lot), and track laying
has commenced on the site.  It appears that there will be three loops with
connections to the Up local line at each end something like this:

                  /___________\     <--- New Yard
      _____ /_____________\__________________________To Melbourne
      _________Plat 1&2_______________\______,     _____
      ____________________________   \__________/  ____
                       Plat 3                        \_____________/

(South is at the top - sorry).

At the moment only the two sets of points at the up end of the new yard are
in place, but it looks like the rest of the trackwork will be laid in the
next day or two.  The Down end points connecting to the main line are the
same ones which served the previous rarely used siding.