X2000 in Australia

In 1995, Countrylink hired three X2000 tilt train cars from the Swedish State Railways (SJ) for testing and a trial public service to determine their suitablility for use in New South Wales.

Prior to the set being used, a test train ran over much of the Countrylink network to test clearances. The "Echidna" profile test car was modified to the same profile as the X2000 cars.

8612 hauling profile test train at Como, 13/2/95 The "Echidna" at Sutherland, 13/2/95

The cars hired were driving trailer SJ2520UA2X, bistro SJ2620URA2 and standard trailer SJ2819UA2G. The driving trailer was not used for driving purposes, but it was fitted with an emergency brake tap.

Cab of 2520UA2X at Meeks Road depot Nose of SJ2520UA2X at Meeks Road
Both photos 11/2/95

XP2000 and XP2009 were modified to run the service. They were fitted with much stiffer suspension, especially on the trailing end. This was to support the extra weight of a motor-generator set in the compressor room and stop the power car from tilting the wrong way at high speeds around corners. The power cars do not have a tilting mechanism, but the modifications prevented them from tilting away from the curve as the X2000 trailers tilted into it. The power cars were also repainted into a special livery of dark blue with a sky blue nose. The words "Countrylink X2000" were added to the sides in white.

The three car tilt set was fitted with through multiple unit cables for the power cars. These cables were run along the roof. The power cars were also fitted with control gear to turn the tilt mechanism on and off, operate damper switches and start the generator sets. This control box was mounted on the dashboard to the left of the driver.

Tilt train on test run at Robertson, 15/2/95

After being test run on various lines, the set entered regular service between Sydney and Canberra from 23/4/95 to 18/6/95. The tilt train ran twice daily in each direction in addition to the regular Xplorer service (three times daily in each direction).
                 SJ1     SJ1     SJ3     SJ3
                 M-F    Sa-Su    M-F    Sa-Su
Sydney          06:45   06:47   14:45   14:47
Campbelltown    07:19u  07:21u  15:21u  15:21u
Moss Vale         -       -     16:16   16:16
Goulburn        08:57   08:57   16:59   16:59
Canberra        10:10   10:10   18:10   18:10

                     SJ2             SJ4
                    Daily           Daily
Canberra            10:45           18:30
Goulburn            11:53           19:38
Moss Vale           12:36             -
Campbelltown        13:33d          21:19d
Sydney              14:08           21:58
SJ1 at Campbelltown SJ1 at Tahmoor

Passengers were offered First Class (at the regular First Class fare) and Premier Class (higher than First Class).

Tom Worthington wrote a report of his journey on the tilt train on 7th May 1995.