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Re: gunzel?

On Sun, 9 May 1999, Derick Wuen wrote:

> Self-Administered Gunzel Quotient Test
> Answer yes or no to the following….
> (1) I have purchased at least one publication devoted to railway enthusiasm.


> (2) I have heaps of railway enthusiast publications.

Only if "Rail Directions", "Catchpoint" and "The Pichi Richi Patter"
constitutes "heaps"

> (3) I am or once was a member of a railway enthusiast society.


> (4) I am a member or once was a member of many railway enthusiast societies.

Only Pichi Richi Railway Preservation Society Inc and Rail 2000 Inc

> (5) I took a photo of a train once.


> (6) I have heaps of photos of trains.

Well, some.

> (7) I once looked at a railway oriented website.

Yes, even though from the Australian links pages one could be forgiven for
thinking that Genesee & Wyoming (www.gwrr.com) and Wisconsin Central
(www.wclx.com) have no relavance to railways in Australia.

> (8) I maintain my own railway website, and look at many others.

No, and yes.

> (9) I once sat on a platform and watched trains go by.

Yes, it's called waiting for *your* train at Strathfield.

> (10) I frequently gather with fellow enthusiasts to watch trains go by.


> (11) I know what a railmotor is.

Railcar to the rest of us?

> (12) I have been on at least one railmotor trip to a far distant country
> destination.

Kingston South East from Adelaide qualify?

> (13) I know what a smokebox is.
> (14) I know how many rivets there are in the smokebox of R711.
> For each odd-numbered question answered “yes”, score 1 point; for each even
> numbered question answered “yes” score 10 points.
> GQ: less than 10: what possible interest could you have in aus.rail ?
> GQ 11-35: keep at it, you’ll get there eventually.
> GQ: 36-50 solid achievement, suggest you take master classes.
> GQ: 51-69 are you prepared to give master classes?
> GQ: 70+ ok, so was that the number of rivets in the smokebox of R711 before
> or after outshopping after major overhaul on 01/05/58?
> In the interests of transparency, my score is 47.

Mine looks like a 16