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Re: LA Rail Revival

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  "Jeff B. Kurland" <kurlandj@erols.com> wrote:

> It is a mystery to me why the color (colour?) red was applied to the
> heavy rail subway and not the Long Beach LRT line, which uses, for the
> most part, actual Pacific Electric right of way for most of its route.

Originally the Blue (light rail) and Red (subway) lines were built by
different agencies. The old Rapid Transit District (RTD) originally
planned and built the subway - it's "corporate" color was red. The old
L.A. County Transportation Commission planned and built the light rail -
its corporate color was blue. In 1989 they eventually decided to combine
into a single system and name the colors after their "corporate" colors,
and call everything Metro Rail, with each line bearing the name of a
different color.

Additionally, the Green Line (light rail) was named so because it runs
along a freeway, and the dominant color of freeway signage is green.


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