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Re: LA Rail Revival

David Bennetts <davibenn@pcug.org.au> wrote in message
> To explain the current colour code system for LA's subway and LRT
> The Red Line is now the heavy rail subway starting at Union Station
> eventually should reach the San Fernando.   The cars are stainless
> with red stripes.  The old Pacific Electric system operated the famous
> cars".  The new LRT system to Long Beach, the Blue Line, commemorates
> old red line territory by having a red stripe along its blue/white
> cars.  There is also the Green Line, which goes from Redondo Beach,
> near LA airport with shuttle bus connections from the terminals,
> with the Blue Line about halfway between Long Beach and Wiltshire
> then terminates in the middle of nowhere around Norwalk, where there
is a
> bus station, and further shuttle buses available to Norwalk/Santa Fe
> Metrolink station.

Additionally, to the best of my knowledge Pacific Electric, which ran
the "red cars", was never called the red line.

It is a mystery to me why the color (colour?) red was applied to the
heavy rail subway and not the Long Beach LRT line, which uses, for the
most part, actual Pacific Electric right of way for most of its route.