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Re: trainee locomotive driver

> i need some information on how to become a locomotive driver. i have
> tried many times with State Rail NSW but have always received the
> answer of 'not hiring trainees at this time' for the past 5 years
> while National Rail does not employ trainees outright. Am i doing
> anything wrong?? IS there a way to become a driver in the railway
> industry???

You've just got to keep plugging away.

When I first started one fella in my class was ranked first in seniority,
therefore appointed first, The reason was 3 1/2 years previously he had
written a letter enquiring about joining loco. Seniority counted from when
your application hit the desk.

So just keep trying. For years if required. 

(Westrail are hiring drivers for country depots, not trainees though sorry)

Paul Pickford