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trainee locomotive driver


i need some information on how to become a locomotive driver. i have
tried many times with State Rail NSW but have always received the
answer of 'not hiring trainees at this time' for the past 5 years
while National Rail does not employ trainees outright. Am i doing
anything wrong?? IS there a way to become a driver in the railway

Some stats of mine are i have just turned 24, completed a science
degree (not related to engineering- it was done so i have something to
fall back if there is no way of gaining employment in this field). I
am not currently employed in the railway industry. I am also starting
to think that if i don't get something soon, i never will because of
my age. Is this true??

 Any help on this would be greatly appreciated as i am set on trying
to achieve my first career preference..

e-mail: kahnn@mpx.com.au