Rebuilds and recoding

Rebuilds, recoding and more rollingstock

During 1992, tenders were called for additional rollingstock and existing rollingstock to be refurbished in preparation for services to Melbourne in 1993. ABB Transportation of Dandenong, Victoria, was contracted to build four new power cars, five deluxe trailers (classified XL) and eight sleeping cars (classified XAM). The coding of the sleeping cars followed previous NSW practice where A indicated a sleeping car and M indicated Mann style sleeping berths.

A. Goninan & Co of Newcastle was also contracted to rebuild the existing fleet of trailers. XDH2100-2103 were rebuilt to match the new deluxe trailers, XDR2150-2156 were modified with new buffet compartments. XD2225 and XDH2111 were also rebuilt as buffet cars. A wooden bodied carriage, MFH2725, was fitted with a prototype of the new buffet in 1992. The remaining XFH/XDH trailers were refurbished with new carpets and curtins and D type seats installed. The remaining XF and XD trailers were also refurbished and fitted with D type seats, except for XF2200, 220, 2203, 2205, 2211, XD2213 and XD2215 which were fitted with deluxe seats of the type fitted to the XL cars. Public elephones were also installed in the new and converted XL trailers. A later conversion was XD2202 being fitted with XL style seats in December 1993.

The new rollingstock from ABB was delivered from Melbourne to Sydney on the following dates, several days after being delivered from teh factory:

XP2015      31/ 8/92    City of Melbourne, later City of Bathurst
XP2016      19/11/92    City of Cootamundra
XP2017      17/12/92    City of Melbourne
XP2018       8/ 1/93    Not named

XL2228       5/ 3/93
XL2229      11/ 3/93
XL2230       2/ 4/93
XL2231       2/ 4/93
XL2232       2/ 4/93

XAM2175     21/ 5/93
XAM2176     15/ 7/93
XAM2177     15/ 7/93
XAM2178     31/ 7/93
XAM2179     31/ 7/93
XAM2180     26/10/93
XAM2181      6/11/93
XAM2182     28/10/93
The XL and XAM care were fitted with NMA bogies designed by ABB. These were also fitted to the Xplorer and Endeavour railcars.

The standard consists became (from the Sydney end):
2+5: XP - XFH - XD - XD - XDR - XL - XP
2+7: XP - XFH - XD - XD - XDR - XF - XL - XAM - XP

2+5 sets were used on Dubbo and Tamworth services with 2+7 sets running to Melbourne, Brisbane and Murwillumbah. By this stage, most XF trailers had first class seats in them. Conversions were still taking place but vehicles had not yet been recoded. For example, the departure of ST1 (20.43 to Melbourne) on 18/2/94 was XP2017 - XAM2178 - XDH2100 - XF2215 - XDH2111 - XM2209 - XD2222 - XFH2105 - XP2000. The XDH had been rebuilt as an XL and the XF was first class, despite its economy class code.

In February 1994, after all the conversions were complete, the car codes were standardised.

Old code    New code        Notes
XDH2100     XL2233          Rebuild
XDH2101     XL2234          Rebuild
XDH2102     XL2235          Rebuild
XDH2103     XL2236          Rebuild

XFH2104        -
XFH2105        -
XFH2106        -
XFH2107        -
XFH2108        -
XFH2109        -
XFH2110        -

XDH2111     XBR2158         Rebuild
XDH2112     XFH2112
XDH2113     XFH2113

XDR2150     XBR2150
XDR2151     XBR2151
XDR2152     XBR2152
XDR2153     XBR2153
XDR2154     XBR2154
XDR2155     XBR2155
XDR2156     XBR2156

XF2200      XB2200
XF2201      XB2201
XF2202      XB2202
XF2203      XB2203
XF2204      XB2204
XF2205      XB2205
XM2206      XB2206
XM2207      XB2207
XM2208      XB2208
XM2209      XB2209
XM2210      XF2210
XF2211      XF2211
XM2212      XF2212
XD2213      XF2213
XD2214      XF2214
XD2215      XF2215
XD2216      XF2216
XD2217      XF2217
XD2218      XF2218
XD2219      XF2219
XD2220      XF2220
XD2221      XF2221
XD2222      XF2222
XD2223      XF2223
XD2224      XF2224
XD2225      XBR2157         Rebuild
During testing of XP2015, a special train consisting of XP2015 - XFH2107 - XDR2155 - XDH2113 - XP2003 was run to Albury. An attempt was made to reach 200km/h for the first time on 18/9/92, but the record top speed was 193km/h between Table Top and Yerong Creek. (NOTE: A new record of 210km/h was set by the Queensland Rail tilt train on 23/5/99.) XP2015 had been named City of Melbourne but was renamed City of Bathurst after this record breaking run. XP2017 was named City of Melbourne in Melbourne on 16/12/92.

XAM, XB, XBR and XL trailers were first class and XF and XFH trailers were economy class. From November 1993 the standard 2+7 consist became (from the Sydney end) XP - XFH - XF - XF - XBR - XB - XL - XAM - XP. The 2+5 consist used on the Central West XPT was XP - XFH - XF - XBR - XB - XL - XP.

From 1/7/94 the XB cars were reclassed as economy and the standard 2+7 consist became XP - XFH - XB/XF - XB/XF - XB/XF - XBR - XL - XAM - XP. The 2+5 consist became XP - XFH - XB/XF - XB/XF - XBR - XL - XP. In due course the XB trailers may be recoded XF.

From October 1994 the old D type seats in the XB, XF, and XFH trailers started to be replaced with a version of the seats fitted to the XBR and XL trailers.