XPT delivery

Delivery, test runs and demonstration runs

The first two vehicles, power car XP2000 and trailer XF2200, were completed on 23/8/81. The following are builder's photos taken on the day the two vehicles were completed.

[XP2000 cab.]
Cab of XP2000.
[XF2200 at Comeng Granville.]
XF2200 at the Comeng Granville factory.
[Interior of XF2200]
Interior of XF2200.

[First test run]
First test run with XP2000, XF2200 and MHN2364.

A tour train was arranged to show off the new train before pre-service testing commenced. The tour train consisted of XP2000, XF2200, XF2201 and MHN2364. The MHN was a Southern Aurora guards van painted to match the new carriages.

Locations visited were:

A new Australian speed record of 183km/h was set between Table Top and Gerogery on 6/9/81.

Early SRA promotional brochure.

Another test run of a full set, including the first use of an XPT buffet car, ran from Sydney to Taree and return on 29/1/82.

[Tractive effort curves]
Tractive effort curve of 2+5 set. The lower lines indicate
the power required to maintain the balancing speed in
various gradiants. Click on the thumbnail to see a larger image.

The entire first batch of vehicles had been delivered by October 1982. All XPT vehicles were given the prefix X in their coding. P indicated a power car, B indicated first class seats, F indicated economy class seats, R indicated the buffet and H indicated a guard's compartment. Vehicle delivery dates and original power car names are as follows:
XP2000      27/ 8/81    City of Maitland
XP2001      20/10/81    City of Dubbo
XP2002      22/12/81    City of Armidale
XP2003       9/ 2/82    City of Taree
XP2004      22/ 2/82    City of Kempsey
XP2005      23/ 4/82    City of Newcastle
XP2006      29/ 5/82    City of Wagga Wagga
XP2007       2/ 7/82    City of Albury
XP2008      20/ 8/82    City of Goulburn
XP2009       3/10/82    City of Canberra

XBH2100      6/11/81
XBH2101     23/12/81
XBH2102      3/ 4/82
XBH2103     20/ 8/82

XBR2150     27/11/81
XBR2151     21/ 3/82
XBR2152     24/ 5/82
XBR2153     13/ 8/82

XF2200      27/ 8/81
XF2201       4 /9/81
XF2202      28/10/81
XF2203      15/12/81
XF2204       8/ 1/82
XF2205      29/ 1/82
XF2206       5/ 3/82
XF2207      16/ 4/82
XF2208      24/ 4/82
XF2209      29/ 5/82
XF2210       9/ 6/82
XF2211      11/ 7/82
Despite the class distinction, it was announced on 4/3/82 that the XPT would be all one class. Passengers would pay the first class fare plus a surcharge.