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Victorian electric pictures

E.M.U.s - Locomotives

Victorian electrified lines are 1500V DC

Picture credits:
(JC) - Joseph Carson

(DJ) - David Johnson
(DL) - David Langberg

(GL) - Gareth Lumsden
(DS) - David Smith

Electric multiple units

A Hitachi set stands at Flagstaff Platform 3, , (44K) (JC)

A Tait set stands at Flinders Street Station, , (45K) (JC)

A Tait set between two Hitachis approaching Flinders Street from Richmond, , (50K) (JC)

Tait car interior, , (47K) (JC)

Refurbished Harris motor 905M in Newport Workshops, prior to cutting up for scrap metal. Note: Graffitti has been digitally removed, November 1993, (55K) (GL)

Melbourne's Prototype Double Deck Train, the "4D" arrives at Ringwood. A 3 car Comeng set trails it. It is not believed that Melbourne will obtain more Double Deck trains. 3/1/95, (45K) (DJ)

A wheelchair is rolled onto Melbourne's Prototype Double Deck Train at Blackburn, 3/1/95, (50K) (DJ)

Melbourne's Prototype Double Deck Train, the "4D" leads a 3 car Comeng set around the curve from Spencer Street to Flinders Street, 3/1/95, (77K) (DJ)

Comeng motor car 334M trails across the Gardiner Level Crossing, as Z1 tram number 37 waits, 3/1/95, (84K) (DJ)

Comeng motor car 510M trails across the Gardiner Level Crossing, while two Z class trams wait, 3/1/95, (50K) (DJ)

A 3 car Hitachi set terminates at Bunyip, 21 kilometres beyond Pakenham, during a series of Brake Tests. The train ran from Dandenong workshops to Pakenham as a 6 car set and was split there, 6/1/95, (57K) (DJ)

Refurbished Harris motors scrapped at Simsmetals' Brooklyn Yard, 8/4/95, (121K) (DL)

336M sits in Epping Depot, after hitting a Semi-Trailer in a level crossing accident, August 1996, (46K) (GL)

546M has collided head on with another Comeng car and is seen here at Newport Workshops, prior to repair, November 1996, (102K) (DS)

11M's burnt Resistance Grids, seen on it's way to Ballarat Workshops for repair, 30/4/97, (46K) (GL)

118M-1956T-121M head for Upfield, passing through Fawkner (now with a 2nd platform), 30/6/97, (89K) (GL)

The Harris Rail Greasing Train, 794M-797M round the curve into Merri station, 17/9/97, (85K) (GL)

214M leads a 3 car Hitachi set, Upfield bound, as it pulls into Gowrie station, 5/11/97, (94K) (GL)

58M-2017T-41M approach Royal Park with Flemmington Bridge bound Shuttle service, 8/11/97, (108K) (GL)

12M-1943T-74M rests in Upfield Yard, 17/11/97, (73K) (GL)

A 6 car Hitachi wiggles through Flinders St Yard, 22/11/97, (140K) (GL)

Y163 shunts Melbourne's Double Deck set to Spencer St Carriage Maintenance Depot, 22/11/97, (81K) (GL)

An Impressive line-up of 10 sparks Epping Maintenance Depot, 7/12/97, (105K) (DL)

Hitachi motor 222M, Tait motor 470M & Comeng motor 306M all lined up at Epping, 7/12/97, (77K) (DL)

One the two Yellow painted Harris Greasing Train motors, February 1998, (67K) (DL)

144M's panto, bent like a twigg, at Upfield, 9/3/98, (72K) (GL)

T392 hauls the Comeng fleet leader set 301M-1001T-302M to Clyde (Somerton) for reliability upgrade, 12/2/98, (52K) (GL)

89M-1948T-99M await departure time, before running the last Flemmington Bridge to Upfield shuttle (before the line re-opended), 21/2/98, (83K) (GL)

118M-1956T-121M stabled at Bayswater Maintenance Centre, 21/6/98, (112K) (GL)

487M, without Green & Gold Met stripes at the rear of a Clyde (Somerton) to Newport Workshops Spark Transfer, hauled by T392, 7/7/98, (116K) (GL)

Electric Locomotives

L1162 on it's first run in over 10 years, returns to Warragul station after shunting on it's return to service test run tour, 28/2/98, (123K) (GL)

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