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NSW electric pictures

NSW electrified lines are 1500V DC

Locomotives, Electric Multiple Units

Picture credits:
(DJ) - David Johnson

(DR) - Dennis Rittson

(DW) - Dewi Williams

(NSWGR) - New South Wales Government Railways

(MG) - Matthew Geier

Electric Locomotives

Two 86 class locos head WL-1 across the Knapsack Gully Viaduct at Lapstone, 12/5/90, (46K) (DJ)

4605 and 4901 lead an RTM tour near Bulli, 23/3/91, (38K) (DJ)

4604 heads 5W47 Wheat train through Beecroft, 22/6/91, (54K) (DJ)

8643 and 8605 hauling 6155 freight through Beecroft, 26/12/91, (60K) (DJ)

AN-3K was lead by three 85 class locomotives into Lithgow on its delivery run to South Australia, 12/12/92, (42K) (DJ)

4621 is seen here at Chullora being lifted back onto its bogies in LMC, 19/3/93, (128K) (DJ)

4619, 4639, 48117, 4638, 4605, 4616, 4601, 4834, 7322, 48103, 4602, 48109 and 4615 stand around the turntable at Lithgow Loco Depot, 25/4/93, (63K) (DJ)

8603 leads a northbound freight into the City Underground at Central. The train will run through the underground and over the Harbour Bridge, due to the Main Northern Line through Epping being closed for trackwork, 1/10/93, (65K) (DJ)

8637 on a west-bound freight nears Zig Zag station after emerging from No. 10 tunnel. The Zig Zag tourist Railway can be seen on the far right, 16/7/94, (52K) (DW)

8508, 8510 & 8505 head an up freight at Leura in the Blue Mountains, 25/7/94, (60K) (DJ)

4604 heads an RTM tour away from Rozelle Goods Yards, 22/10/94, (77K) (DJ)

4604 heads an RTM tour into historic Museum Station, 22/10/94, (52K) (DJ)

8501, 8505, 8627, 8611, 4916, 4806 and 4842 head an up freight out of Sutherland, 14/11/94, (46K) (DJ)

42210 and 42207 assist 8501, 8505 and 8509 on a 4200 tonne coal train near Sutherland, (56K) and near Waterfall, (36K), 18/12/94 (DJ)

8612 hauling the "Echidna" profile testing car and out of gauge loads car AK811 at Como testing gauges for the tilt train on 13/2/95, seen here in the cutting behind the ex-Old Como Hotel (80K), and here crossing the bridge over the Georges River (66K) (DJ)

8643 and 8604 hauling an up coal train through a snow covered Katoomba, 17/6/95, (45K) (DJ)

8501 and 8505 lead an ARHS ACT division tour across the Causeway near Bell on its return from Broken Hill, 8/7/95, (52K) (DJ)

8608-8624-8616-8643 on BB54 Coal train approaching Emu Plains after having traversed the Blue Mountains, 8/7/96, (30K) (DJ)

8636-8648-8111 at Emu Plains on train 1877 (down wheat) departing Emu Plains, 8/7/96, (54K) (DJ)

8510-8501 assist CLP16 through Redfern on the up Indian Pacific after CLP9 failed, 20/1/97, (75K) (DJ)

8501-8510 assist CLP16 from Sydney to Lithgow on the Indian Pacific after CLP9 failed. Mt Boyce, 20/1/97, (51K) (DR)

Due to the closure of Rozelle Goods Yards, Electric locomotives which were stored there were moved to Enfield. 8504, 8503, 8502, 8609, 8629, 8627, 8630, 8507, 8509, 8501, 8505, 8620, 8618, 8625, 8601, 8602, 8647, 8610, 8605 and 8650 are seen here awaiting their next duties, 16/5/97, (29K) (DJ)

8630, 8612, 8610, 8626 and 8245 lead a coal train through Enfield Yard, 13/11/97, (38K) (DJ)

8650 stands in Enfield Yard, 17/11/97, (39K) (DJ)

Electric multiple units

Parcel Van C3902 stands outside Carriage Works, Redfern in 1928, (26K) (NSWGR)

Standard Single Deck Trailer car T4398 stands outside Flemington Maintenance Centre, August, 1928, (18K) (NSWGR)

Fast Electric Parcel Van C3901 stands outside Carriage Works, Redfern, 1939, (25K) (NSWGR)

C3469 as part of set F39 in a publicity photo from October, 1940, (16K) (NSWGR)

Tulloch Trailer Car T4565 stands outside Punchbowl Car Sheds in November, 1940, (15K) (NSWGR)

Tulloch set F1 in the 1940's, (28K) (NSWGR)

C3704, leads set S1 in January, 1958, (51K) (NSWGR)

Redfern in 19??. From L to R: 1st series K set, 2nd series K set, M set and W set. (84K) (MG)

Chopper Controlled set C54 approaches Sefton Park Junctions, 7/4/90, (41K) (DJ)

Approximately 15 Tangara sets line up at Goodyear awaiting the end of races at Rosehill to take the punters home, 7/4/90, (50K) (DJ)

Single Deck Suburban Carriages being cut up for scrap at Simsmetal, Mascot. [1] (72K), [2] (41K), [3] (51K), [4] (48K), [5] (49K), [6] (38K)

The first Zoo train, set H22 approaches Beecroft on a Taronga Zoo Promotional trip, 16/3/91, (64K) (DJ)

Two tangaras pass each other on the Rushcutters Bay viaduct seen from the roof of the Hyatt Kingsgate hotel, 18/6/94, (64K) (DJ)

4 Car Single Deck Suburban set B1 running from Clyde to Carlingford pauses at Rydalmere platform in its old location, 20/7/92, (91K) (DJ)

V7 pauses at East Hills for a photo after having conducted brake tests all night between Holsworthy and Glenfield, (38K) (DJ)

A suburban train powers through an air-gap at Homebush causing a brilliant blue flash, 24/8/94, (24K) (DJ)

Tangara T68 closes up behind K60 at Epping due to a signal failure in front of the K set, 1/9/94, (50K) (DJ)

A double deck Intercity train rushes towards Sydney under evil skies, October 94, (73K) (DJ)

8 Car Suburban sets S14 and S12 cross the Rushcutters Bay Viaduct, 3/2/95. [1] (51K), [2] (59K)

Tangara set T6 drops off the Rushcutters Bay viaduct into the tunnel leading down to Kings Cross station, 10/3/95, (47K) (DJ)

14 Car empty Transfer movement running from Mortdale to Waterfall, 11/2/95, (54K) (DJ)

OST1 pauses at Bankstown on trial runs, (41K) (DJ)

The stanwell Creek viaduct is about halfway between Sydney and Wollongong. Seen here are two trains crossing it on 14/7/96, 6 car V set, (125K), and 4 car V set, (53K) (DJ)

A G set departs Strathfield into the Sunset on the Down Suburban line. The Sunset is particularly Golden due to Volcano ash in the atmosphere, 15/7/96, (58K) (DJ)

Exchange cars going through Redfern. The consist is four car S set S4, then two extra power cars, 16/7/96, (46K) (DJ)

G30-G28 bursts through the 'wall' as the first official train on the new 'Y-Link' between Harris Park and Merrylands. 2/11/96 (58K)

G30 at Merrylands, on the day of the opening of the Y-Link 2/11/96, (79K) (DJ)

U1 stands at Museum, on a Sydney Electric Train Society tour, 5/11/96, (53K) (DJ)

U1b departs Sydney, after a Sydney Electric Train Society tour, (61K) (DJ)

111 carriages stand between Clarendon and East Richmond during the RAAF 75th Anniversary Open Day, 17/11/96. Here are two shots near Clarendon [1] (46K), [2] (62K) and one at East Richmond (58K). (DJ)

V5 on W553 climbs through Emu Heights, 9/12/96, (75K) (DJ)

V19 speeds past 42216 on a works train at Croydon, 8/1/97, (65K) (DJ)

Two car K set K4 crosses the Meadowbank Bridge on 8/1/97. This working will be common in the new timetable from June 15th. , (127K) (DJ)

K92 passes 4901 and 4912 on a works train. The suburban lines were closed for a month for track upgrading, 9/1/97 (67K) (DJ)

The "moon buggy" shunts Single Deck Interurban cars at Elstons sidings, Redfern, 7/2/97 (51K) (DJ)

An R set passes above the worksite at Wolli Creek Junction, 10/2/97 (105K) (DJ)

A T set passes above the worksite at Wolli Creek Junction, 10/2/97 (61K) (DJ)

The writing of the specifications for the fourth generation suburban train project required the running of a special train comprising of a 4 car Tangara and a four car Double Deck Intercity train coupled together on 10/2/97. A special transition coupler (43K) was utilised. On train shots at North Strathfield Triangle (37K), Cowan curves (55K), Artarmon (59K), and also Crossing SP20 from Canberra at Regents Park (54K) by (DJ). Off train shot crossing the Meadowbank Bridge (61K) by (DR)

4857 hauls set F30 from Redfern to Flemington on 11/2/95 prior to running a Sydney Electric Train Society tour the following Saturday, (60K) (DJ)

The Sydney Electric Train Society ran a tour on 17/5/97, running over various Triangles in Sydney. The tour is seen here at Sydney, (48K), and also at Riverstone, (48K), where crossed Tangara set T97, (56K) (DJ)

A K set crosses the Meadowbank Bridge at Sunset while large storm clouds cover the city, 21/5/97, (38K) (DJ)

An S set comprising three power cars and one trailer car descends into the Illawarra Dive at Redfern, 30/5/97, (70K) (DJ)

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