Stringybark Express - News Sheet 19/11/99

NEWS SHEET 19 Nov 99


WANTED - 777 Dwarfs -should that be "dwarves"? Why? Because "the" 7 dwarfs persons small of stature, were reported as being industrious in given application to tasks - so 777 ought to constitute a work force of some note. Why not? Probably anti-discrimination legislation forbids restriction of such a category in labour application. So - "WANTED - Willing Workers!!! (Period)

RUTHERGLEN - WAHGUNYAH - COROWA - Community & Tourist Rail Initiatives "on track".


Arrangements with FVL are yet to be completed for access to the Wahgunyah line. (Go John!!)

FVL regional management has a list of the proposed points of the agreement and pending any modifications or additions, the paper work should be in place by December.

Saturday 29th January is the line’s 121st anniversary . . . . . Fans with an ear to the ground (rail) will likely pick up vibrations of "something interesting" occurring at Rutherglen on that day.


Meantime, DoI Rail Safety ACCREDITATION is to be placed for START-UP purposes and possibly to do with whatever it is that might be happening on the 29th Jan 2000! . . . . The CEO and Members are busily engaged in placing the Management Document and Operating Rules.


A meeting held recently with the Corowa & District Tourist Association, placed the SBE project on show - AND discussions with Corowa Shire revealed interesting plans in relation to the historic Corowa Station.

The Heritage Section of the State Rail Authority (SRA) have in place plans to promote the site as a RAIL HERITAGE CENTRE. The Stringybark Express plan to place HORSE TRAM and other similar tourist LIGHT RAIL activities at Corowa meld well with the SRA and Shire thinking.

The original Corowa yard and station area is now a well-kept public park maintained by the Shire and RSL Club. Lawns, trees and flower gardens exist side by side with the rail infrastructure - itself in running condition.

Shunting and Yard Operations with horses once common in goods yards may become the subject of an active working display.

Light Rail running is planned to extend eventually as far as HOPEFIELD.

Given Accreditation and RAC processes, fans may list mid-2000 for some action., pending the FEDERATION CENTENNIAL itself!


We welcome Terry Oakley. Terry drove for PTC in most parts of the VR system. He is at the moment helping in assessing "the Rules"! Otherwise he’s a Military Vehicle man.Re "777" above - Contact the GreenTRail Associates Group - Tourist Rail Sub-Group at 02 6033 3937 for Membership DETAILS - or write an E-mail to

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