Rutherglen Railway Tourist Initative
Request For Information

Rutherglen - Stringybark Express
Request for Information

The above Initiative is seeking to place   Train Running & associated activities  on the Wahgunyah Railway and portions of the Corowa Line.
Within the requirements of the National Rail Accreditation program, a number of public and   staff or volunteer  safety considerations  are under review.
To date, insurances agencies and brokers are  experiencing  some difficulty in accessing the required insurances within the standards required or equalling our proposed modes of operation.

One of our insurance consultants has proposed a series of questions - and as we have no operating history of our own we are taking  the opportunity of compiling a data base to reflect what we believe is the operating "norm" is comparable activity.

All information will be treated as "commercial in confidence"  where required.  Contributors will have the opportunity to  freely share in the   resultant  data .

[This material may be requested as an  E-mail ATTACHMENT FILE (Word 7 Table format 5Pp ]


Please return to 
GreenTRail Associates  Group Inc
PO Box  27  Wahgunyah, 3687

Marked:   Attent. CEO  - Confidential

OR    E-mail of  Fax to     or  02 6033 3937  (Voice request first)  

David R. Moyle

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