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WAHGUNYAH -Wednesday.

GreenTRail CEO, Dave Moyle, today announced acceptance of placement proposals for Tourist Rail initiatives on the Springhurst to Wahgunyah railway. Freight Victoria Ltd; the owners of franchise operating Victorian country freight services and who control the line have written indicating their preparedness to accommodate operations proposals.

"I thought, considering how things were going, that our NSW Corowa operation would be first up. Now we can get right in and place on-going planning initiatives for the Victorian line, and hopefully this will help in the Corowa plans."

David says that given up-grading works, including re-gauging, eventual access by visiting trains will be possible to both Rutherglen and Corowa. In the meantime light rail inter-modal (road/rail) operations are planned to access tourist attractions off-line as well as those along the track.

"There are a lot of placement procedures to be implemented including Accreditation and I hope now that we have the go-ahead in principle that people who would like to be involved will make contact."

He adds that a totally professional and well-groomed operation will give great impetus to tourism initiatives in the Murray cross-river region.

The "Stringybark Express" tourist rail project may be contacted at

Stringybark Express
PO Box 27
Wahgunyah , Vic 3782
(02) 6033 3937.

or at

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Last Updated:    6th October 1999

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