Freight Trains return to Bairnsdale

Freight Australia today announced that the 9km section of line from Hillside to Bairnsdale is to be re-opened, initially for log traffic. A new log loading yard has been established adjacent to S.M. Collins Sawmill, 1km on the up side of Bairnsdale station. The area has been partially covered with a high security fence including a gate across the rail line, adjacent to the Bosworth Rd level crossing. As at 13.5.00 the yard held a substantial dump of hardwood logs.  The date for resumption of service was not advised but it is understood the wash out near Hillside has already been repaired. There was a siding at this point many years ago but it has long been removed, unless a new siding is built goods wagons will have to be left on the running line.

On Saturday 13 May a very large public rally was held in Bairnsdale's  Main St gardens to demonstrate support for the resumption of rail passenger services. The crowd was estimated at over 1500 and addressed by Craig Ingram MP  (Independent, East Gippsland MLA). He stated that National Express' review to consider the return of passenger services was almost complete, and that he would be seeking $5m from the State Government to restore the Sale-Bairnsdale track to a high standard.

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