Two Connex passenger trains collide near Epping in Melbourne

Railpage Reporter on June 18th 2002

Two Connex trains have collided approx. 1 km south of Epping railway station in Melbourne's northern suburbs. The accident was reported to have occured at approximately 9:13am and involved a empty service entering or leaving the stabling yard and an Flinders Street or city bound service with passengers aboard.

A witness on the scene reported the following rolling stock as being involved in the accident:

Down Train (in direction of travel) 698M-1109T-517M-647M-1174T-590M (ie
698M was leading carriage).

634M hit and ripped open the second carriage, 1109T.

>634M is 1/2 way along the 5th carriage, and the drivers cabin is
>smashed. 6 passengers and 1 driver in hospital.

The 6 passengers refers to the 6 treated on scene, only the driver was
taken to hospital.

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