by Stephen Dinsdale

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Most people probably wouldnšt remember the first time they saw a train. But Gus does... Alright he couldnšt actually see the train - he was in his pram at the time - it was more the feel of it. The feel of itšs presence. But he remembers it alright.  It was the moment his life changed forever.
Gus Gascoigne is a trainspotter. He has a one-track mind and a simple mission - to spot every train in England.

Hešs not alone - there are half a million spotters in England, although few of them are as good or as dedicated as Gus. Hešs a career spotter, a true believer and hešll do whatever it takes to get a good view of the track. Even if it means lying to his mum and staying up really, really late. Outside. In the Dark. By himself.

Gus Gascoigne, the James Bond of trainspotting, invites you to take a roller coaster journey in the front carriage of his train obsessed world. From those carefree kindergarten days, bunking off early to watch the trains go by, to his epiphany at Crewe station at the age of seven; from his adventures in later years, including a spotting duel with his arch enemy Eric Spate of the notorious Manchester Maf, to his exposé of the intrigue surrounding the Great Illegal Nuclear Waste Transport Scandal (even the Young Liberals were interested!). Therešs romance too...though not much.

Just when you were beginning to panic, thinking there was nothing in the Fringe Festival you could take your mum to, Gus Gascoigne is back! After his debut in the 1999 Melbourne Fringe Festival, where he performed outdoors next to the Williamstown railway line, Gus has come in from the cold to perform 8 SHOWS ONLY at The Warehouse, North Melbourne Town Hall.

Join Gus as he tempts you to experience the joys and sacrifices of trainspotting for yourself. Learn the secrets of his midnight passion. Behold - as he explains the origin and power of his most sacred possession - his Anorak of Fire!

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