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11 March 2002 MEDIA UPDATE


As an update to the 9 March Media Release the following information is now
to hand.

Katherine, the first locomotive for use on Alice Springs to Darwin Railway
construction trains was successfully loaded onto its road transport at Roe
Creek, south of Alice Springs, this afternoon, with the NT Chief Minister
Claire Martin in attendance.

The maximum speed of the low-loader when carrying the locomotive is closer
to 70km/h than the 80km/h originally stated. Hence the locomotive's road
journey to the Katherine work site will now take a little longer - For
safety reasons it can also only travel during daylight hours.

The onward road journey from Roe Creek will take approximately 2½ days to
Katherine travelling at up to 70 km/h.

As a result arrival at the Katherine work site is now scheduled for Thursday
morning, 14 March 2002.

For an update on the locomotive's progress and anticipated ETA at Katherine,
please contact:
ASR Regional Supervisor, Mick Fuller on 0417 899 795

For Media comment please contact: Colin Turner on 0418 815 618



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