ACCC approves of ARTC rail access undertaking



7th May 2002

ACCC Approves of ARTC Rail Access Undertaking

Australian Rail Track Corporation Ltd (ARTC) has welcomed today's
announcement by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC)
that the voluntary Access Undertaking it has given, for that part of the
interstate rail network under its control, has been approved.

ARTC Managing Director, David Marchant said, "The Access Undertaking
represents a balanced, fair and clear foundation for rail access."

"The Access Undertaking provides certainty and flexibility for those seeking
access to the interstate rail network and will provide a foundation for
national interstate rail access arrangements."

"It is a significant step for a national access approach"

"ARTC has undertaken to continue to reduce, in real terms, access prices for
the inter-modal rail market that will greatly assist in attracting greater
market share to rail in the highly competitive transport sector."

"This is the first undertaking in rail to be approved by the ACCC and is
amongst only a handful of voluntary undertakings under the Trade Practices
Act generally."

For Further Information Contact: David Marchant on 0419 733 201

ARTC has responsibility for the management of 3600 route kilometres of the
interstate rail network from Albury to Kalgoorlie via Melbourne and Adelaide
and from Broken Hill to Crystal Brook. ARTC provides equitable access for
train operators to this network on a non-discriminatory basis.

ARTC's aim is to ensure business and industry are being provided with
efficient transport options for the future and that rail remains an
essential and sustainable element of the Nation's transport and logistics
Over the last three years, an extensive program of infrastructure upgrades
funded by

ARTC and the Commonwealth Government combined with more effective management
of train operations has resulted in increased reliability and capacity
across the ARTC network.



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